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In 2004, we expanded to America.
Now we are the market leader here.



We got to Africa in 2006. We have stable clientele and excellent results here.



Europe is our home. Here our products are not in competition.



In Asia we have one of our largest and most stable customers.

Quality Management & R&D

Quality management

GACZ was first ISO certified in 2002 and since then it has been regularly re-certified. GACZ complies with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2016.

We are an approved supplier of sipes and venting systems for the world’s leading tire manufacturers operating at all continents. Our constant quality management improvement is based on implementation of specific customer requirements for the quality system, manufacturing and inspection processes as well as product quality.

Integrated Management

GACZ has implemented an integrated management of quality, environment, work safety and social responsibility and safety of information within such a scope as corresponding to requirements set for suppliers by its key customers.

Research & Development

The R&D centre makes use of a special designed software for complex 3D simulation of the mold cavity filling. We optimize positioning of vents in the mould and, if needed, recommend slight adjustment of the mould design.

After the simulation, results are verified in practice. A special piece of segment is manufactured. Next step involves pressing-out of samples and subsequent analysis in cooperation with customer.

Last but not least, GACZ offers training in vent installation and maintenance to all existing and new customers.

Our product portfolio

Right here we've got our highest quality products.

Minivents & stud pins

We produce spikes and minivents according to customer's drawings. It is possible to produce both standard steel and stainless steel.
It is possible to turn the inner and outer threads. Surface finishing on request.
Maximum diameter: 7mm
Maximum length: 35mm

GACZ Leg vent

LV vent is a two-piece vent, which can be disassembled and, as such, its core part can be replaced.
If there is a need to change the mold de-aerating capabilities, different vent parameters can be achieved simply by using different core parts.
GACZ two-piece vents are designed so that core installation can be performed manualy.
The application of the two-piece vent type brings the advantage of cheap core replacement in the event of vent blockage.

GACZ Spring Vent

The GACZ Spring Vent consists of three parts: case, pin and spring. The case is seated in a mold. A pin on which the spring is pressed is secured inside the case.
This spring ensures that the valve is in the open position by default. The valve is closed by contact of the pin with the rubber compound. Upon contact, the valve is opened and allows residual air to escape from the mold cavity. After removing the tire from the press, the pressure on the pin is released and the valve is opened by the spring force.


Our company produces Eurovent type vents according to the Continental patent.
Production dates back to 2000. Sales are only for Continental and their approved supplier.
Gottschol Alcuilux CZ is one of the world's leading suppliers of this product.


Sipes are made of stainless steel sheets; they are tailored to customer requirements, directly for each mould type and tread pattern, out of sheets of various types and thicknesses (from 0.2 mm to 3 mm).

Sipe types:
  • flat
  • bent
  • 3D
  • Sintered
  • other

Copper electrodes are manufactured in order to insert sipes into milled aluminium castings. Following customer requirements, electrodes are then bent to required shapes.

Production is executed based on drawings supplied by customers.

Expo gallery

Our company regularly participates in tire trade fairs. Each year it participates in the most important trade fairs in the rubber field and in the field of construction and production technology of tires worldwide, such as TIRE TECHNOLOGY EXPO, RubberTech and ITEC.

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